Cream Chargers and OctoPorn

So the question is … what do cream chargers and octoporn have in common? Well that is not an easy one to answer – but with a bit of lateral though then it might become obvious to all…. for the cream chargers see for the octoporn see here

The answer is to be found in the video above man and nature do not mix! We have set ourselves apart from the animals with our opposable thumbs and new nitrous oxide technologies but that does not mean that we can use the animals for our gratification – if you intend t get whipped the use cream chargers and not an octopus. As for the chimeric notion of the partial creature that we imbue with human spirit those go against god science and nature. There is a tale of a housewife that was so enamoured with the octopus it was no only her companion and lover but also the 8-legged device that she saw fit to create whipped cream with. She found that in its post-coital haze, the beast could be persuaded to dangle and writhe into the diary cream thus agitating it. This process is all the more unpleasant because she would take the very creature that had sated and satisfied her needs and then eat it with the very sauce she had forced it to create – revenge was slow in coming but when word dot out amongst the chargers community then one of them went as far as to discharge cream charger deep within her whilst in the midst of the act of congress – this set about a nitrous powered chain reaction the result of which was one death and one escape – I’ll let you decide upon the very truth that you wish to scream for!