8gm or 16gm

How much does your soul weigh? The official story tells us that it would be 21gm – but that means you would need both an 8gm and a 16gm cream chargers in order to store it – this is unfortunate because for the sake of convenience then it would clearly be advised to keep it in a single package.

This of course assumes that the human soul has the same density as nitrous oxide – but we have no actual evidence that this is true! The soul is as dense as your conscience lets it be – this is the truth according to scream4truth. The old story of weighing your soul against a feather or hammer still rings true. The cheeky monkey suggested to me that really it should be weighed against a dollop of whipped cream because that is the imutable truth of existence – are we more important than an entirely non-essential and fripperish pile of whipped cream? or is there more to life?

We cannot say for an actual fact but would like to suggest that the best way to find out would be to actually carry out an experiment and slaughter some innocents – and make a direct comparison of the weights of their souls with somebody that has committed heinous and awful crimes – or perhaps just someone that enjoys life on the wild side perhaps with some gentle whipping.