Did global warming cause instability in the crust? Are we likely to see more serious geological damage if we keep releasing carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide into the atmosphere? Are gas canisters just the tip of an iceberg?

Scream4truth what happens when a huge waves knocks over a nuclear power plant?

And when the wave has bowled over the power-plant then where will all of the radiation go to? We might never know although other people and government bodies will. The result of the wave chargers will have an effect for many generations. Was the wave powered by cream chargers? If it wasn’t then would it have improved it if it was?

It is far from certain of global warming is a trigger for earthquakes (read), (read). The basic theorem is that as glaciers melt then the weight on the crust of the earth is decreased. This causes a rebound as the crust tries to reach a new equilibrium. Because many if the worlds earthquake zones are in mountainous regions (read) then this is even more of a serious problem.

So, what can you do – well the frivolous use of the harmful gasses that cause global warning is certainly an issue, granted the actual quantities of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide is tiny compared to other sources only a few grammes at a time. Find out more about nitrous chargers (read) and CO2 canisters (read).

nitrous oxide

Find out more about triggers and causes of earthquake induced global warming here.

Watch out for a tidal wave of geo-disasters coming soon.